Internal Hemorrhoids Destruction

How are bleeding Hemorrhoids prevented?

By keeping the stools soft and decreasing straining . Increased fiber in the diet helps reduce constipation and straining.

Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids

Can be treated by using topical creams and suppositories, as prescribed by your doctor. But in some cases where bleeding is significant, they can be treated surgically. Internal hemorrhoids can be surgically treated in an out-patient setting by two methods:

  1. Rubber Band Ligation – Patient is given a short acting IV Sedation, then a specialized rubber band is placed on the base of the internal hemorrhoid, cutting off the blood circulation to it. In turn, the hemorrhoid will dry off and wither away in a few days.
  2. Electrical Bipolar Cautery – Patient is given a short acting IV Sedation, then the internal hemorrhoids are burned ( desiccated) by using a specialized electrical probe.